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Women's Clothing

Designer Collection for Women’s wear at Pastels By Aanchal.  Unique trendy tops, casual wear and dresses Aanchal has designed-
  1. Top- Black Georgette combined with Black Net for Collar ,Sleeves and Back along with Short Skirt-Yellow Embroidered Squares on Bright Yellow Georgette used for the same with side  zipper.
  1. An Unusual Combination- A Light Pink Linen Shirt with a “C” shape Placket, Pleated Collar,  Netted Sleeve. Also with pleats from collar to armhole & the back of Shirt.
  1. Brick Colored Corduroy Pantswith Leather on the Cross Pockets n Bottom.
  1. Sleeveless 1 piece- A pure Red Velvet fabric covered with Red Net with a V Back Chain
  1.  Peplum Top- Yellow Cotton Fabric which has Traditional dolls painted on it used for a Western outfit.
  1. One piece/ Dress- Carrot Red Printed Chiffon fabric used for the stand collared dress with elastic on the waist and on the elbow length sleeves. Black styled buttons added in the front gives the whole dress a smart look!!
  2. Leopard print top- A Boat neck top with Brown Velvet added to it with slightly puffed sleeves.
  3. Black Full Jumpsuit inclusive of *Palazzo Pants*. Should be worn with High Heels to give it a classy look.
  4. High Neck Top- which comprises of Red n Black Soft Net with Puff sleeves and the torso of Printed Cotton Satin fabric.
  5. Jump Suit- A Soft Printed fabric used for the upper torso & the grey fabric with silver and golden vertical lines used for the bottoms. The sleeves look awesome with the stitched gathers.
  6. One Piece /Dress- Front Half in Applique work of Various shades of Pink and textured fabrics   used with Black Georgette. The Back looks completely different with pipings of the pink shade fabrics used in front. The sleeves are in triangular shape of Velvet Brasso fabric. A black string with Tassels gives it slightly an ethnic look.
  7. Floral Printed  Dress- Off White Synthetic fabric with a Floral Printed Fabric used as Lining & the Electric Blue Belt adds to its charm.
  8. Sequenced Short Jacket- Fully embroidered sequenced fabric used for a Short Jacket with a    shimmer piping, full sleeves, Padded shoulders. Perfect for a Night Date.
  9. Neon Dress- Neon Orange Sleeveless Upper Torso used with Dark Grey Sequence. Princess Cut pattern. Light Grey Georgette used for the flair.


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